Frary Peak


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Almost to the top of the hot dry peak

Frary peak is the high point on Antelope Island state park, Utah. It's a good hike for recording tracklogs due to the fact that it's pretty much treeless, and being a lone mountain on an island in the Great Salt Lake of Utah, you don't have many problems with terrain blocking the GPSR's view of the sky. This tracklog was recorded with a Garmin Legend hooked to the pack strap on top of my left shoulder. When I made it to the top, I saved, then cleared the tracklog resulting in the track going up having far fewer data points than the one coming back down. The track was recorded and mapped using ExpertGPS. The TOPO maps it downloaded from the web were black and white and terribly hard to see, so I decided to overlay the log on a photo map. The trail splits right near the top of the mountain. I took one trail going up, and a different one coming down rejoining the main trail a few hundred feet down the hill. As you can see from the tracklog, I only had one trackpoint I can detect that was thrown way off. This glitch occurred right at the top of the mountain, possibly when I took off my pack.  The up and down tracks pretty much overlay each other for the most part, indicating that repeatability wise, even though one track is a saved log, the receiver recorded my track pretty much the same going up and down.

As an interesting side note, Garmins Mapsource TOPO shows the peak elevation as 6596 feet. The USGS marker data sheet for the marker on top of the peak shows the elevation as 6602 feet.

Frary Peak Map   file size 371kb

Frary Peak Tracklog data